121 Diane Breaux (The Pickle Lady): How to Build a Unique Brand

Learning from Smart People Podcast
Learning from Smart People Podcast
121 Diane Breaux (The Pickle Lady): How to Build a Unique Brand

In this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast, Rob Oliver interviews the Pickle Lady – Diane Breaux and her husband Randal about how to build a unique brand. Diane Breaux is a real estate agent in the Prescott Arizona area who has developed her personal brand as the Pickle Lady. She has grown her business to the point that she now has a team supporting her. The Pickle Lady and her team are known as the Pickle Brigade.

Here are a few of the topics that Rob Oliver and the Pickle Lady (Diane Breaux) cover in this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast:

· The origin of the Pickle Lady
· Separating yourself from your competition
· Growing a business from a part-time job to a multiperson team
· Capitalizing on each team member’s abilities and strengths
· The importance of building trust with customers (and with team members)
· Marketing is getting someone’s attention
· Building a brand is multifaceted: name, logo, identity, uniqueness
· Dealing with the embarrassment of having a unique brand
· Successful branding keeps you front of mind
· Simple works!
· Everybody has a role to play on the team, not just the lead singer
· It’s important that the pickles are good!
· Back up your branding with fantastic service
· Building your business by building relationships
· Being authentic with yourself
· It is as important to reap how the people you don’t want to work with as it is to attract the ones you do
· Using a “slow burn” technique in marketing
· Where she got the pickle recipe

You can find out more about Diane and Randall Breaux, the Pickle Lady, on their website and through their social media. Be sure to check out their weekly video as well.

Website: https://Pickle411.com
Website: https://PrescottPickleLady.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrescottPickleLady

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