122 Denise Sinkavich: How to Supercharge Your Website for Google

Learning from Smart People Podcast
Learning from Smart People Podcast
122 Denise Sinkavich: How to Supercharge Your Website for Google

Denise Sinkavich talks about how to supercharge your website for Google and other search engines on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. She started out making websites to communicate with fellow hockey families and turned it into a business, DDS Web Design. If you have questions about search engine optimization, website security or just setting up a website, you’ve come to the right place!

During this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast, Denise Sinkavich and Rob Oliver talk about the following:

· The origin of DDS Web Design
· Who DDS Web Design serves
· Why you need a website
· What should be on your website and why
· Adapting to voice search in creating content and search engine optimization
· The importance of consistency across physical location, online presence, branding and social media
· Should you write content for your customers or for the search engines?
· Finding the balance between text and images
· Putting key phrases in the background of your website to optimize for search engines
· The importance of page titles
· Tools to help you create a relevant website
· The importance of Google reviews
· Make sure your website is responsive (a.k.a. mobile friendly)
· Tips for securing your website
· The danger of being “blackballed”
· Understanding the search engine timeline
· Steps to take if you don’t have a website
· How to help a website that is not performing well

You can find out more about Denise Sinkavich and DDS Web Design on their website. She is offering a PDF Tip Sheet as well as a free Search Engine Analysis of your website. I would encourage you to connect with her on social media as well.

Website: https://www.ddswebdesign.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ddswebdesign
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/denise-sinkavich-3bb08a7b/

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