125 Sean Lardo: How to Build Relationships that Matter in Business and in Life

Learning from Smart People Podcast
Learning from Smart People Podcast
125 Sean Lardo: How to Build Relationships that Matter in Business and in Life

Today’s topic is how to build relationships that matter in business and in life with Sean Lardo. During this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast, Rob Oliver and Sean Lardo talk about the interesting story of how they were connected and Sean shares his insights into the importance of the relationships that you form in your personal life and in your business. His insights are based on 9 years of military service as well as many years in the business world.

Here are some high points from the conversation between Sean Lardo and Rob Oliver:

· How Sean and I met and why he is on the podcast
· Why this may be the best episode of Learning from Smart People ever!
· What Sean Lardo learned during his time in the Army
· The definition of humility
· The return on investment from selfless service
· Sean’s definition of success in business
· The importance of culture
· “No pain, no gain!” In your business
· What makes a good mentor/mentee relationship
· How do the people around you see you?
· Learning from negative feedback
· The difference between generic feedback and specific instance feedback
· Building relationships in business
· Developing a positive attitude
· The only thing you can control is your attitude
· Making sure your kids know they are welcome and loved

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