139 April Lynn James: How to Play It Forward

April Lynn James joined Rob Oliver on the Learning from Smart People Podcast to talk about how to play it forward. It was a conversation about how to enhance creativity and create a connection to joy. April James is an extremely creative person and is the corporeal portion of April plus Madison. I’ll admit, I didn’t understand that at first but she explains it all in this episode of Learning from Smart People.

Here are several of the important points from Rob Oliver’s interview of April Lynn James:

· The originating story of Madison Hatta
· The power of being creative
· Recognizing that everyone does things their own way
· Hearing the message – “Music is a hobby, not a career.”
· The value of being creative for yourself
· Making the connection to joy
· The PLAY framework
· Positivitea, Listening to good music, Awe, Yoga
· Helping people move away from focusing on the negative
· Affirmations and mirror play, let the mirror be your friend
· April’s definition of good music
· Awe is opening up to inspiration
· Works of inspiration before perspiration
· Finding ways to move that are enriching to the body

You can learn more about April Lynn James and Madison Hatta through her website and social media:

Website: http://aprilplusmadison.com
Ebook: http://TenWaystoPlayItForward.com
: https://www.aprillynnjames.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/April-plus-Madison-1414392788775159
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aprillynnjames/

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  1. Rosalind A Jones
    August 21, 2021

    That was a great interview & conversation. Love it & love yourself

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