168 Alison Proffit: How to Bring More Joy into What You Do (and How You Do It!)

In this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver, we hear how to bring more joy into what you do and how you do it from Alison Proffit. Alison is a life and business coach based in Colorado. As you will learn, she has had some ups and downs in her life and her business which have given her tremendous insights. She works with people in their pursuit of joy.

Here are some of the topics covered as Alison Proffit shares how to bring more joy into what you do and how you do it on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver:

· Alison’s backstory of creating a vision for where she would be in the future. Amazingly, that vision had her living in a different place and doing a different job
· The roller coaster experience of moving 9 times, getting fired multiple times, trying to start a business and getting a divorce, all within two years!
· Living safely isn’t always most joyful
· The ups and downs are formative in our experience
· You must allow your employees whole human being to show up at work
· The baseball analogy, finding the difference between playing it safe and being too risky
· Most people’s goal is to be joyful
· Your intuition helps you recognize when you are not aligned with your own values
· Don’t live looking in the rearview mirror, learn from what happens and move forward
· Every experience as a learning opportunity and not a referendum on your intelligence
· How you do anything is how you do everything
· Everything is energy
· Joy comes from a culture that makes people feel valued and safe
· Joy is the best business strategy
· Sometimes we need to reevaluate our business practices to line them up with our values
· Everyone must create their own definition of joy and happiness
· Being in the moment provides more opportunities for joy
· The longer we are alive the more judgments we learn
· We are born as beings of love
· The KISS method: Keeping It Soulfully Simple
· There are a million paths to everything
· We must reverse engineer the “When I have this, I will do this, then I will be this” concept
· We are not taught how to tune into ourselves nor how to set boundaries
· Your joy is yours and nothing can ever change that

You can learn more about Alison Proffit and the work that she is currently doing through the website and links below. You can also schedule an introductory session with her:

Website http://www.getsoulfulsuccess.com
Scheduling https://calendly.com/alison-proffit-coach/30min
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/proffitcoach/

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