171 Todd Randall: How to Create a Business that Supports Your Lifestyle

Today, we learn how to create a business that supports your lifestyle from Todd Randall. He joined Rob Oliver on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast from his office in Florida. Todd knows what he’s talking about. He is the CEO of eight organizations and has annual revenue of $6 million plus. As a result, he travels extensively pursuing his hobby of playing polo. His businesses are all set up to allow for remote management.

Here are some of the topics Rob Oliver and Todd Randall covered in their discussion of how to create a business that supports your lifestyle:

· Todd started as a pharmacist but know he wanted to be a busine
· His failures provide the life experiences to make him an excellent coach
· Sometimes superstars don’t make the best coaches, it’s the “B players”
· Managing a team requires a different skill set than selling
· Studying the people who are successful in your business will teach you what sets them apart
· If you are going to succeed, it takes prep
· We don’t all have multiple opportunities; we just need one!
· Some people look down on franchising
· You have to find the balance between confidence and rate of return
· Making the decision to become an entrepreneur is one of the more difficult choices in life
· There are experiences that show us exactly what we need in life
· Some people are looking for the million dollar a year idea
· Entrepreneurship requires both business acumen and creative passion
· You may have more business acumen than you realize
· Most companies are spinoffs of other companies
· Several real-life examples of what he’s talking about
· Relationships are an undervalued asset
· Coaches help people find their authentic niches
· Creating a bridge between your hobby and your business is another possibility

You can find out more about Todd Randall and his company through the links below. Check out his Facebook group for all of the training videos.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeachviewCoaching/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-randall-2aa24/

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