83 Rob Oliver: Your Message, Your Values and Your Dreams

Learning from Smart People Podcast
Learning from Smart People Podcast
83 Rob Oliver: Your Message, Your Values and Your Dreams

In this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast, host Rob Oliver shares three stories from his experiences. Each story has a lesson that he has learned and Rob not only shares his lesson but how he sees it applying to entrepreneurs, business people and all of humanity. These stories all come from Rob Oliver’s book, “Still Falling.”

Here are a few of the things that you will learn from Rob Oliver during this episode:

  • How an older gentleman at a free speaking engagement made him rethink his message
  • The importance of having a clear message
  • Rob’s personal biases and prejudgments and how a visit to a sheltered workshop changed them
  • A reminder to never let anyone (not even yourself) underestimate your value
  • The importance of giving to others, no matter how insignificant it seems
  • Why Becky (Rob Oliver’s wife) is a “dream snatcher”
  • What you can do when circumstances may snatch or smash your dream

During the episode, Rob asked for input from you, the audience. Please send all of your questions and comments to Rob@LearningFromSmartPeople.com. You could also contact him via social media or through the “contact us” page on the website. Feel free to mention that you felt the ending was a little bit rushed! (It was. Rob had an appointment show up while he was trying to wrap up the recording.) If you are feeling a bit nicer, I’m sure he would enjoy some encouragement and positive comments about the podcast.

You can also use the “Contact” page on the “Learning from Smart People” website: https://www.learningfromsmartpeople.com/

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