8. Creating Change with Coach Monique DeMonaco

This episode of “Learning from Smart People” features an interview with Coach Monique DeMonaco. Coach Monique is a change management expert. Today she shared her expertise on creating change in your life.

During this episode you will learn about:

  • Coach Monique’s personal story including undiagnosed learning disabilities
  • The difference between a change management coach and a therapist
  • The concept of neuro-plasticity
  • Coach Monique’s trademark Delete Delete™ technique for changing your thought patterns
  • Barriers to creating change
  • Information is Power

Coach Monique made an offer exclusively for listeners of the “Learning from Smart People” podcast. Send her an email mentioning this podcast and she will send you a free chapter from her latest book.

Please visit her website and make use of the “Resource Page” as well as her videos and webinars.

Email Address: monique@coachmonique.com
Phone: 412.408-2098
Website: www.CoachMonique.com
Twitter: @TheCoachMonique
Facebook: @CoachMoniquePGH
Instagram: @TheCoachMonique
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/moniquedemonaco/

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