23 Greek Food, Culture & Cooking with the Staikopoulos Family

We turn up the international flavor on Learning from Smart People with Greek Cooking experts Kelly Staikopoulos, Joanne Marzella, and Jackie Marzella. Their family traces its roots back to the Greek Island of Karpathos and they have shared their family’s recipes  and culture in a cookbook.

Some highlights from the interview include:

  • The amazing person that Joanne and Kelly’s mom was and why they called her Kukla
  • Quantifying terms like “a pinch”, “a dash” and “a wineglass full”
  • Exploring relatively unknown cuisines
  • “Greekifying” traditional recipes
  • The importance of relationships
  • The steps to taking on a project like this

If you are interested in learning more, ordering a cookbook or following them on social media here are the links:

Website: kuklaskouzina.com
Twitter: @KuklasKouzina
Facebook:  facebook.com/KuklasKouzinaCB
Instagram:  @kuklaskouzina
YouTube:  youtube.com/channel/UCCrlfUm8ag8YgpvekWmqYIw
Pinterest:  pinterest.com/kuklaskouzina/
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/kelly-salonica-staikopoulos-350ab414/

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