69 Mary Strachan: How Marketing is Like a Lamp

Today’s guest is Mary Strachan who talked about how marketing is like a lamp. Mary joined the Learning from Smart People Podcast to share her expertise as a marketing strategist. Her mission is to simplify marketing, amplify impact and avoid burning out.

As you listen to the show, here are some things you will learn:

  • The 2 functions of a lamp that directly relate to marketing.
  • My gift (or curse) for using analogies
  • The importance of being of service
  • Why your business needs to support your lifestyle and not the other way around
  • Understanding who you are and what your business is about
  • How that understanding impacts the way you market
  • Aligning your business decisions with who you are

You can find Mary on the website below:

Website: https://www.marymstrachan.com/

She is also offering a free digital copy of the Find My Alignment Kit. It is designed to allow the real you to shine through in your business and marketing.

Free Resource: https://www.marymstrachan.com/get-your-kit/

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