31 More than Mere Survival – Rob Oliver

Host Rob Oliver shares his thoughts about using this pandemic as an opportunity for growth. No guest, no interview, just Rob Oliver wearing his “Your Motivational Speaker” hat and delivering some of the key points from his new presentation called “More than Mere Survival.” This presentation was developed in response to COVID-19 and draws lessons from Rob’s personal rehabilitation and growth following his spinal cord injury that apply to individuals, nations and our entire world as we all grapple with life during this pandemic.

Here are some points to listen for during this episode:

  • Rob does not live in a van down by the river
  • Rehabilitation and recovery is a slow process
  • Why we can’t “flip the switch” and go back to pre-pandemic conditions
  • We are only given a limited number of minutes to live, make the most of them
  • How to prepare for adversity
  • The potential benefits of going through difficult situations
  • Why Rob would not “undo” the day of his injury

You can learn more about Rob and his books and presentations using the contact information below:

Website: https://www.yourmotivationalspeaker.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imroboliver
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imroboliver

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