24 Rent the Chicken with Phil and Jenn Tompkins

This episode features the “Rent the Chicken” people.  Jenn and Phil Tompkins (AKA Homestead Jenn and Homestead Phil) are entrepreneurs with a chicken rental business based just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. It was such a novel idea that I had to interview them. 

Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • An explanation of exactly what Rent the Chicken is!
  • The inspiration for Rent the Chicken
  • Benefits of owning chickens (it’s more than just eggs)
  • How the business expanded to include Hatch the Chicken and acquire affiliates across North America
  • The use of other chicken related products in creating new revenue streams
  • Homestead Phil and Homestead Jenn’s definition of success

You can find out more about their company and how you can Rent the Chicken for your family at the links below:

Website: www.rentthechicken.com
Twitter: @RentTheChicken
Facebook:  @RentTheChicken
Instagram:  @RentTheChicken

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