113 Seth Greene: How to Find Your Niche (and Dominate It!)

Seth Greene joined the Learning from Smart People Podcast to talk about how to find your niche and dominate it. Seth Greene is the founder of Market Domination LLC and is a leader in direct response marketing. He has great insights, actionable ideas and fantastic examples of what he is doing for his clients.

In this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast, Rob Oliver and Seth Greene talk about:

· The definition of direct response marketing
· Your marketing depends on your target and where they hang out
· Properly selecting your target market
· More than finding a niche, find a micro niche
· Your target market needs to know they have a problem and be able to pay you
· Why you need to know your target audience
· A Magical Marketing Proposition
· Testing out your message on your target market
· Scaling your marketing
· Finding partners – co-opetition
· Working with those partners
· Finding one per week, for an entire year
· Identifying your brand ambassadors
· Developing a partnership plan

You can connect with Seth Greene through his websites. Additionally, you can get his book at a 50% discount and take advantage of the free 15 minute phone call.

Website: http://www.growyourowncult.com

Website: http://www.marketdominationllc.com

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