29 Creating a Niche Business with Tim Brant

Tim Brant, the founder and owner of Brant’s Driving School, joined the podcast to talk about finding, creating, and scaling a business that meets a niche need. Brant’s Driving School works with people with disabilities to assess their needs and match them with the proper adaptive equipment in order to experience the independence of driving.

Some things to listen for in this episode:

  • Tim’s back story on how he unintentionally found this niche
  • The struggle of moving from a job with a steady paycheck to being self-employed
  • The value of building business relationships
  • Scaling a business (from a part-time side hustle to one with 18 employees)

As much as I enjoy the conversation because I am passionate about the independence that driving gives to individuals with disabilities, I also appreciated Tim’s perspective on being an entrepreneur, building his business and the Brant brand. Check him out on the web or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Web Site: https://brantsdrivingschool.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothy-brant-0a5a3825/

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